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Recruitment position

Recruitment position

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  Service Engineer

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Respond to customer feedback provided by company's sales or technology in a timely manner, properly develop after-sales service, and achieve customer satisfaction;

  2. Implement assembly production plan to ensure product delivery time;

  3. Daily management and maintenance of workshop, registration and management of purchasing parts according to company regulations, establishment of account management of workshop inventory (including import, sale and storage), and rational inventory planning of common parts

  4. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


  1. Bachelor's degree or above, process control, mechanical, electrical and related major is preferred; after-sales experience is particularly rich can be appropriate to relax the requirements of academic qualifications.

  2. Familiar with the standard valve assembly process and operation, at least three years of on-site after-sales service experience.

  3. Will use OFFICE, AUTOCAD and other office software

  4. Good physical quality, hardworking, able to adapt to frequent business trips, love the challenges of work.


  Technical Engineer

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Communicate with customers for technical clarification;

  2. Timely and accurate quotation and preparation of bidding documents, participate in technical support in the bidding process;

  3. Valve selection and optimal solutions according to customer needs;

  4. Technical audit of the contract and collation of completion data;

  5. Provide technical support and training to sales engineers or related departments when necessary.

  6. Drawing simple mechanical parts with AUTO CAD;

  7. Complete other transactional tasks assigned by superiors.

  Job requirements:

  1. Acceptable fresh graduates;

  2. Bachelor degree or above in engineering; mechanical engineering is preferred;

  3. Experience in regulating and switching valves or related industries is preferred;

  4. Good knowledge of valve application, able to work independently;

  5. Skillful application of AutoCAD, WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and other office software;

  6. Good team spirit, honesty and trustworthiness, willing to learn new knowledge;

  7. At least CET 4, CET 6 is preferred.


  Skilled worker

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Valve assembly;

  2. Daily management and maintenance of warehouse;

  3. Receiving and dispatching goods in daily workshop;

  4. Other tasks assigned by superiors.

  Job requirements:

  1. The requirements for academic qualifications can be relaxed appropriately in senior high schools or vocational secondary schools.

  2. Strong hands-on ability and experience;

  3. Experience in regulating and switching valves or related industries is preferred;

  4. Good teamwork spirit, honesty and trustworthiness, willing to learn new knowledge.


  Sales Engineer

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Learn and master the relevant product knowledge, understand the market application.

  2. Collect and search customer information and establish customer files.

  3. Master customer needs, be able to take the initiative to open up new markets, do a good job in product publicity.

  4. Assist Sales Supervisor to formulate sales strategy and sales plan, promote products and maintain existing customers.

  5. Do a good job in signing sales contracts, fulfilling sales-related responsibilities, and actively coordinate the handling of various market issues.

  6. Work arranged by other leaders.

  Job requirements:

  1. College degree or above, major in automation or machinery, chemical equipment, measurement and control technology, chemical technology and pipeline is preferred;

  2. English CET-4 or above, can understand English product information;

  3. Those with experience in product promotion and sales of tank farm equipment and large chemical design institutes or user backgrounds are preferred.

  4. Ability to travel and have a driver's license.

  5. Strong execution, actively complete the work plan assigned by superiors.