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  The 1700 Series Consolidated High Pressure Safety Valve is a high-end product installed on boilers of power plants to prevent overpressure of boilers.

  Main technical features:

  1. Use a real Thermodisc (Thermodisc) for steam medium in power plants.

  2. Back pressure assistant backing technology is adopted to ensure 3% backing specific pressure difference.

  3. The side bar design is adopted. By using this technology, the expansion of the valve body can be released at the side rod when it is heated, and it will not be transmitted to the stem and ultimately affect the accuracy of the setting value.

  4. The outer surface of the disc ring is machined with several transverse parallel ring grooves, which can effectively avoid friction between the disc ring and the guide bearing caused by high-speed rotation when the valve takes off.

  All the above characteristics ensure the safety, reliability and accuracy of Dreiser safety valve under high temperature and pressure conditions. The higher the pressure and temperature, the more obvious the advantage of Dreiser safety valve is due to the optimum design of the structure and the guarantee of the manufacturing process. This has been evidently verified in the actual operation of the power plant.

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